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fully integrated installations - Floor, Wall, Ceiling Mounts and Isolation Ring

Gallo Speaker Accessories
One of the strengths of our Nucleus Micro and A'Diva loudspeakers is their ability to integrate into virtually any environment.

Thanks to a well thought out range of accessories, our loudspeakers have placement flexibility that is unmatched by any other manufacturer.

Floor Stands (right)
Our elegant stands are available for: Nucleus Micro and A'Diva loudspeakers, and come in a range of colour finishes.

speaker cable can be hidden from view inside the stem of the stand, for a neat and tidy appearance.

• Nucleus Micro: Available in White, Black, Silver and Stainless Steel
• A'Diva: Available in White, Black and Silver


Wall Mounts (above)
A discreet, versatile and extra-strong bracket for wall-mounting your Nucleus Micro or A'Diva speakers.

Wall Mounts are available in White, Black or Stainless Steel finishes.


Ceiling Mounting Rings (right)
Whether you want a stealth installation of distributed sound throughout your house, office, or shop - our ceiling mounts are the perfect solution.

Isolation Ring (below)
Each Nucleus Micro and A'Diva comes with an 'Isolation Ring', a simple rubber ring that allows the speaker to be placed on any flat surface.

Gallo isolation ring

Gallo Speaker Stands

Gallo ceiling mount